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One Year Retirement Anniversary!

Hello all:

I am celebrating the end of my first year in retirement. What a year it has been! After forty plus years of working, I am now living a new lifestyle. I am no longer rushing out each morning to head into bumper to bumper traffic, and a long commute to work, instead I am making my own schedule each day. My time is now my own. What an awesome feeling!

I am truly glad to be a retiree, with the ability to move about on my own,and with the basic blessings of life. As a nurse,I was able to serve both children and adults who were in need due to their loss of health and sometimes lack of finances.I am really glad to have chosen this pathway. I can say without any reservation, that I have learned so much from those that I served.

Where has the time gone? I can recall when I was five years away from retirement. It seemed that the day would never come when I could retire. However, time has a way of marching on. It waits for no man, as the saying goes. I have accomplished some of my first year retirement goals, but not all. I was blessed to travel, however, not as often as I would have liked. One of my accomplishments was writing this blog.I had this on my TO DO list, so I am glad it is moving along.

Having more time to spend with my family is also a big plus. I am enjoying my grandchildren tremendously! What a joy to have them.I can also be supportive of my children by babysitting more often, or by helping them with other projects. I am also able to devote more time to church activities and committees. This is very rewarding.

Another good things about retirement is not needing to spend as much money on clothing and shoes. I find that I tend to wear more casual clothes these days, except for clothes that I wear to church or on special occasions. I must admit that sometimes I miss “clothes” shopping, especially to get the bargains, since I am a bargain shopper.

My first year of retirement has also included learning more about various topics especially the computer. If you read some of my previous blogs, I told you about taking classes in Excel, PowerPoint, and other computer programs. I found these classes to be very stimulating! I hope to continue to learn new information, and to try new things to keep my mind alert. I have even relearned crocheting.This was a skill that I had many years ago but I did not seem to have the time to keep up with it. An example of this is the blanket that I started for my daughter before she was born.It is still not finished! My daughter is now 32 years old!

There are many other areas that I am hoping to explore in the coming months. I am also hoping that you will come along with me on this retirement journey. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and ideas with me about your retirement goals. We are in this together.