How to set new goals in 2015.


Hello again:

Want to perk up your days in 2015? Want to have a healthier mind and body?  Why not learn a new skill?

The experts tell us that it is so important for us to keep our minds sharp, and healthy by engaging it in new activities that will challenge our thinking processes.

I know that you must have that one activity that you have been hesitant to try because of fear, lack of opportunity, cost, or any number of real or imagined obstacles. I know I have!

It could very well be a hobby that you enjoyed earlier in life, but could not make the time for it with a busy work schedule. What about gardening, or crocheting?

That brings to mind other interesting things like sewing, doing crossword puzzles, or writing.

Have you mastered the Internet, or just want to learn more about it ? What about social media? What is your comfort level with Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube? Could it be that technology (including smart phones) leave you cold?

Let’s face it. Retirement today looks far different from retirement 20 or even 10 years ago. Those of us who are retired expect to keep on living life to the fullest, as God blesses us.

Many retirees are learning new job skills, and some are choosing to retire much later in life than the traditional age of 65 years. Some are starting new businesses, travelling to exotic destinations, or learning a new language.

If you are healthy the sky is the limit! Even if you have health issues, you are still able to do more than a retiree of yesteryear.How many times do you see retirees in wheelchairs travelling by air, car,or boat? I know more than one retiree who travels yearly to visit family and friends, or to attend church activities.

I am challenging you to set new goals, or to revise those that you never accomplished!

Here is my list of 2015 goals: Losing 20 pounds, travelling to Europe and the Caribbean, more proficiency with technology, learning to swim( for real this time), and setting aside more time for religious, and charitable activities.

What are your goals? I encourage you to write them down.In addition, determine a timeline to begin, and the resources that you will need in order to be successful.

I would love to hear your goals for 2015, and how you plan to accomplish them. Here’s to a healthy retirement in 2015!





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