The rush is over!

One of the blessings of being retired is that I no longer rush out each morning to go to work.I remember the days when I would be up before dawn,getting dressed for work before the sun was up, and getting into my car to head out for work.As I drove the one hour distance on the highway ( sometimes it was an hour and a half due to traffic), I would encounter the other commuters doing the same thing each day- rushing to work!

I often wished that my job was closer to home, especially as the traffic inched along at snail speed! I usually kept occupied ( with eyes on the road) with music, or a CD that was inspirational. At the end of the day it was the same story as I returned home.I loved my job and was thankful for all that God provided for me so I did not allow the frustration of a long commute to cloud my day.I would have just liked to be driving less to and from work.

Now that I am retired however, I find that I am driving in a more relaxed way. As I approach a light that is about to change, I remind myself that there is no hurry. My time is my own.Oh, the joys of retirement! If it is raining outside and I need to go out, I can now wait until the rain ends. No need to be in a rush, I tell myself. I only concern myself with getting to church on time, to a medical appointment, or if I am meeting someone for lunch.

I found out that when one retires, there is an adjustment to be made. First of all in your mind. I need to remind myself frequently that there is no rush. I recall being in the checkout line at the supermarket.I was in a 10 items or less line. There were two women in front of me who had one basket with about 20 items. When they got to the cashier she pointed out that they had more than ten items. They told her that since it was two of them they were allowed to have more than 10 items.The issue was that I had to wait for the 20 items to be processed instead of 10. As I stood there, I reminded myself – there is no rush! The cashier was very apologetic to me when I finally arrived at the register.” No problem,” I said I don’t mind at all. I was really not bothered that I had to wait. I reminded myself that the rush was over!

I rushed around for 40 plus years. I am glad that the rush is over thanks to my retirement!

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