Finally ….My own Schedule!

I have been thinking just how different my life is in retirement as opposed to when I was in the work world.The difference is, that I now make my own schedule! How great is that! In my previous life (that is in the work world),my schedule was very hectic. Meetings just about every day, preparing for meetings, or making sure others were prepared for upcoming meetings. While I loved my job as an administrator in the health care field, it was usually fast paced. Sometimes there was hardly room on my calendar to squeeze in one more meeting!

While I do miss the hustle and bustle on occasion, I do not miss the long meetings that I sometimes had to attend.When I chaired meetings, my goal was to keep them no more than an hour to an hour and a half in length. Most times I was able to arrange the agenda to stick to this rule, however, sometimes I could not.I was always aware that after an hour or so it was difficult for individuals to stay focused, especially when they were hungry!

Today, as I look at my life I can see the contrast from then to now. For example, I decided to have a leisurely breakfast this morning, and to drive to the local Public Library to write this Blog. Of course I had many other options- writing it at home,or doing other things.It is surprising that there is so much to do as a retiree!

Yesterday morning I went to the gym for about an hour. I felt quite pleased that I had made the effort to go. Sometimes I just don’t have the desire! It was a good experience working out and trying new equipment.You may not be like me, but I am somewhat hesitant to try machines that I have not used before.I guess I don’t want to make a fool of myself if I do it the wrong way! I was bold yesterday after I told myself that the fifty or so people there were only focused on themselves, and did not care whether I made a mess or not!

I really felt like an expert when another woman who was trying to figure out how to work the machine next to mine, asked for my help! I was very quick to give her some advice about adjusting the bicycle that she wanted to use. She took my advice which worked!

Last evening I went to the main library to attend an Excel class. This was something I had wanted to do before but just did not seem to have the time or the energy. This was the fourth class in the series. It is quite an experience to be taking computer classes with people half my age. Some of them are the same age as my own children! I am sure you know that the younger generation have computer skills built into their DNA! How else could they understand everything about computers so well. I was able to follow along fine for the previous classes. I did pretty well yesterday until the last 15 minutes of the class. All those charts and numbers! Some of the students asked the teacher to repeat some of the steps that we were missing. She advised us quite sternly, that she was not repeating because some of us were talking, and not paying attention. Reminded me of my elementary school days.I will have to review the work book to catch up. So glad there was no test!

I know that it is so important for retirees to be active in order to remain healthy in body and mind.I made a conscious decision that my previous job did not define who I am as a person. I know that my life consists of more than going to a job day to day.That is the reason that I have decided that it is important for me to be in control of my own schedule each day. I have the wonderful opportunity to do all the things that I longed to do when I was working and had limited time. What an opportunity!

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