A visit to the dentist ( no surprises)!

Hello again,

The question today is- ” Why does one wait to visit the dentist?” Sometimes it is because of fear, lack of finances, or just lack of knowledge. We might not realize that dental health is very important. In my case, the reason that I did not visit the dentist at least twice per year was not because I lacked the knowledge, or the finances.I had pretty good dental coverage while I was working, and did visit the dentist from time to time, however, not as often as I should have. I can admit to misplaced priorities- just too busy to make that visit.

Now that I am retired, I am determined to visit my dentist as often as is needed. Well, I made a visit one day last week, and it was just as I had expected. The dentist told me what I already knew, that I had 2 cavities, and needed a deep cleaning- no surprises! What was a surprise was that she said that previous fillings from about forty years ago, were now needing replacement. This is a big deal! She described the need for crowns so that the teeth will not be lost ie needing a root canal to save them.Thank God for modern technology,because it will all be painless! At least that is my belief based on past experiences.

I am telling you this because I hope my retired audience will follow my lead and schedule a dental visit ASAP!Medical science now tells us that the health of our teeth affects our overall health and well being. If we want a healthy retirement we need to fix what needs fixing now rather than later. More about the dentist later!

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