Exercise in Retirement

Hello all,

Today I attended my first exercise class in many years! I have been going to the gym now for over six months, but did not decide to take a class until today. I have been using the bicycle, treadmill, and other machines but just did not want to take a class. I must confess that I hesitated to take one before this time, because I thought the instructor would be going at such a fast pace that I would not be able to keep up!

When I learned that this class was designed for seniors I breathed a sigh of relief!I was more hopeful that it would be just right for me. When I arrived at the gym, there was a long line of seniors waiting to enter the room.Everyone had a bag with them, while I had my towel, water and my cell phone in my hand! I wondered why they had such large bags.I asked the person next to me for the reason that each person had a bag. She explained that I needed a jump rope, ball, dumbbells and a chair. She said these items are all provided but ” they never have enough for everyone”, so she brought her own except the chair, of course.

When we entered the room, I noticed that most people made a bee line for the back of the room! I decided to speak to the instructor and to introduce myself as a new student.I wanted her to know that with a new student she needed to slow things down so that I could keep up with her.Of course I did not tell her, but I was hoping just the same. She gave me a warm welcome and told me to follow everyone else. ” Get the same equipment that they have” she said, and pointed to several boxes to the left side of the room.I dutifully did as she said and picked up dumbbells, a chair, a ball and a jump rope.

The music began to play and the instructor began to move as did everyone in the room. I joined in, and soon realized that the pace was moderate but still taxing. “You can do this I told myself” as the tempo of the music increased. About 30 minutes into the routine, she asked us to pick up our dumbbells.I picked up mine, and noted how heavy they were! When I looked around the room, most people had little dumbbells that probably weighed half a pound.I looked at mine and realized that I had picked up the largest size! How was I to know that we could pick a smaller size. I decided that no matter what, I was not going to change to what some people had ie half pound size that resembled a dog bone!I was confident that I could manage 10 pounds on my first day! I actually did just fine, but I was also glad when we moved to the next routine- follow the leader.

The instructor began moving around the room, and we followed behind clapping, marching,swaying, and contorting to the music.It was quite a workout! At the one hour mark,we did cool down exercises, and the class ended. I really enjoyed this exercise session. It was quite exhilarating! I knew that I was feeling the effects of Endorphins- those feel good, God given hormones, that were responsible for the great way that I felt.I am certainly looking forward to the next class! I highly recommend these classes to any retiree.

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