Letting go!

Hello again,

I heard a discussion recently that peaked my interest. This was a program on the radio, and callers were asked to share their experiences with letting go of personal items. One woman had a vase that she had made as a child more than fifty years ago. She admitted that it looked awful, but she found it difficult to get rid of it.She had moved several times across the United States but had kept this memorable item for unknown reasons.

Do you have trouble letting go of certain items also? I have a few that I have kept for sentimental reasons.I kept letters that my father wrote to me when I moved away from home. These are very special to me now that he is passed on. He was a prolific writer!He wrote letters to many individuals around the world. His letters are special for many reasons including the fact that it is now almost unheard of to write a letter.I like to ask young people ( 35 years old and below) whether they have ever written or received a handwritten letter. Without exception they give me a blank look when I ask about letters that are actually written by hand.Without exception they say they have never written a letter or received one that was handwritten.Most people today would prefer to send an e mail than to write a letter. Even cards are now “e” cards sent by the Internet! I must also admit that now that I am retired, I am now in the group that sends most communication by the Internet!

Not only do I hold on to letters from my Dad, I also hold unto gifts that I received many years ago. As I write this, I am looking at a small fan that someone gave to me over 20 years ago.It is trimmed with purple lace, and has a beautiful bow.It is prominently displayed on my dressing table.It was given to me by a woman named Cynthia.I was her supervisor a long time ago.This fan reminds me of the respect that was shown to me by Cynthia. She was a hard worker, and also a positive person. I lost track of her over 20 years ago, but this gift that she gave to me is still precious.She probably did not spend much to buy it, but it still means a lot to me.I even took it with me when I moved across the US, as the woman that I mentioned earlier. I kept that fan hanging on my wall at my former job for all of those years. Every time I had a new office, this fan was part of my new decor.When I retired I packed it carefully and brought it home with me. I am sure that the Cynthia would be amazed to know that I held unto it for all these years!

It is no surprise then that I kept all the cards that my children gave me over the years.Some were given to me for birthdays, while some were given to me on Mother’s Day or other occasions.These are very special.I can recall the time when my children were too small to give me any cards. Now that they do, I want to hold unto them, and to not let them go! I also received some memorable cards at my retirement parties.These cards will remind me of my former life in the work world. I wouldn’t part with them for any thing!

Why do we hold on to certain things? Is it to remember a special someone, or to recall a special time in our lives? Are we trying to hold on to the past, or to keep pleasant thoughts in our minds? Do you also hold on to special items from the past? Please share your thoughts with me.


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