One of the many wonderful gifts in life are good health, and a sound mind! My name is Hanna, and I am sharing some of my life experiences with you because I believe that the journey of life is enriched by sharing, and lifelong learning.

I retired from my most recent job of 22 years as a Registered Nurse administrator, and I am sharing my thoughts and experiences with you as I move to another season in my life. Retirement for me is not sitting in a rocking chair watching the world go by. I truly believe that retirement is the start of a blessed time in my life. I hope that your retirement will be the same.

When I worked a full time job it was a hectic , but a very rewarding time. I am wondering how I did it all! Family responsibilities, college, travelling to and from the job, solving problems on the job, marriage, children…..the list is long. I know that I had supernatural help!

Retirement means doing the things that I could not, or did not do while on a 9-5 job such as travelling, spending more time with family, and being involved more with my church activities.

I have learned a lot about myself since I retired. Join me as I share more of these experiences with you. I hope they will be a blessing to you.


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