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I like to be thankful to God for my blessings.One blessing that I am really thankful for is my family.What a joy it is to spend quality time with my children and grand children!This past Monday was a holiday (Labor day),and I had the chance to spend several hours with my son, my daughter, and their two children. I was glad that my son in law was also there.

We had a fun day on board one of the ships at the port before it sailed out to sea.We had special permission that allowed us to tour the ship, have all you can eat of the delicious food, and to relax to our hearts content! Of course we had to go through a strict security process before we could enter the ship, but once on board we were glad to enjoy all of the amenities.

There were hundreds of vacationers making their way on board for their cruise to the Caribbean.So much hustle and bustle! I was ready to take a cruise myself, but I realized that I had to plan that for another day.Touring the ship with family was such a joy that it did not matter so much that we had to leave the ship at the end of the 4 hour tour.

To my grand sons ( 1 year and 4 years old), the highlight of the tour was the time that they spent in the children’s area. They enjoyed the freedom of running, jumping, and anything else that they wanted to do among the kid friendly furniture. There were colorful balls, brightly colored toys,numerous books, puzzles and games.There was also outdoor space designed just for the little ones. They could play hide and seek, go down the slides as fast as they could, or any other fun thing that they liked.They had so much fun that it was hard for the grownups to get them to leave!

What can I say about the food! Delicious, scrumptious, mouth watering…We delighted in the rich variety of food.Specialty hamburgers,chicken served numerous ways, pies, cookies, cakes, ice cream. The list seemed endless! It was so difficult to choose. I decided that I would throw caution to the wind and forget my diet for that day. I can only say that I enjoyed every bite!

Looking back,I can truly say that having a family, and being able to share this time with them is one of the joys of my retirement.

I would love to get your comments, and how you share your time with family and friends.


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