Shingles Vaccine for retirees.

Did you know that Immunizations are not just for kids? There are some immunizations (shots) that even retirees need to get! I am speaking specifically of the Immunization for Shingles which is a very painful condition that we could get in our retirement years. If you had Chicken pox as a child, the virus called Varicella-Zooster lives in your body, and could re-emerge at any age but most likely after age 60 years.

It is very important to discuss this with your doctor. The reason is, that Shingles is on the rise in the USA.I do not know about the rest of the world, however. Dr Jeffery Cohen from the National Institutes of Health states that if one lives to age 85 years,there is a 50 % chance of getting Shingles.That is quite some statistic! The symptoms include a rash( with fluid filled blisters), tingling, burning, or numbness on one side of the face or body.It can last for 10 days or longer. There is nerve pain that can last for years.One could also get fever, chills, upset stomach, and a headache.

This such a painful condition that in most cases it can be prevented by getting the vaccine. There is some possibility of getting Shingles even with the vaccine, but the symptoms would most likely be much less severe.

I can recall my mother describing the agony that she endured when she had Shingles.I also know one other person who had Shingles about three years ago.It is nothing to be taken lightly. I followed my own advice and did discuss the Shingles vaccine with my primary doctor. She did not have it in stock, so I later went to a local pharmacy for the shot. It was not a bad experience because the pharmacist was quite knowledgeable, and skillful with the injection. I was warned that I could have a some discomfort at the site which did happen, but it subsided in a few days.

I know that some individuals prefer not to know about prevention of health related problems.I can only tell you that for me prevention is better than dealing with a problem later on. When I was a child we were taught that ” an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”.

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